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Ref: SVR/PRC/09/01

Date: 23 October 2009



The Manager,






Consumers are always looking for either the best deals or value added deals when they shop, particularly during the current global economic doldrums. The contention is how to stretch their earnings without getting into financial difficulties. Thus in line with the Government’s policy of caring for the economic well being of the Malaysian population Koperasi Pelindung Malaysia Berhad or KOPMA namely the cooperative of Persatuan Perlindungan Pengguna Malaysia or PPPM has taken the initiative to seek for a good platform in playing a key role to assist the Government’s effort whereby KOPMA has acquired a thirty percent (30%) stake in Shopping Vouchers Rewards International Sdn Bhd (SVR), a strategic marketing company that provides a new dimension in the shopping trend for the Malaysian consumers. SVR’s technologically advanced membership system provides the prospect for consumers to save and earn when they shop while at the same time it shall provide an avenue for merchants who participate in this programme to generate a new revenue stream while on the same note shall entice SVR members to spend at the said participating merchant outlets.


Unlike other loyalty programmes we do not require Privilege Redemption Centres to pre-buy points and thus no capital outlay required. The respective Privilege Redemption Centre only needs to provide rebate to SVR whenever a SVR member presents the SVR card at any of the Privilege Redemption Centre outlets. The rebate amount should be attractive in order to “pull” SVR members to the said Privilege Redemption Centre outlets. We shall then pay the Privilege Redemption Centre within 3 working days the rebated amount while the Privilege Redemption Centre collect the full amount from the SVR member. All the transaction is similar to that of a credit card transaction. Insofar as the cost of participation in the SVR programme the Privilege Redemption Centre is required to pay RM 1,800 (East Malaysia) whereby from this amount RM 800 shall be a refundable deposit for the EDC Terminal that we provide while. The balance of RM 700 is for the Agreement, Processing, Stamping, Terminal Installation, Handling, Training, POS Materials and Administration Fees. At the same time SVR shall pre-purchase RM 500 worth of Points from the Privilege Redemption Centre. Please note that 1 SVR Point = RM 1. For additional terminals the fee imposed is RM 1,000 whereby RM 800 is refundable deposit. The benefits for the participating Privilege Redemption Centre and the mechanism as appended.


On our part we shall promote the participating Privilege Redemption Centre outlets not only in our website but also via the Welcome Pack that we provide to SVR new members with the view to entice these members to patronise all our Privilege Redemption Centre outlets!


The Terms and Conditions as well as the benefits that SVR provide to our Privilege Redemption Centres are appended herewith. Kindly peruse and should you require any clarification or additional information kindly contact the undersigned.


Yours truly,





Certified Market Development Manager


Tel : 0135635113/0148927743





SVR International Privilege Redemption Centre

Terms & Conditions


Benefits to SVR Privilege Redemption Centres


·        Ability to attract HIGH TRAFFIC of SVR members to spend at the respective outlet thereby providing another source of revenue

·        Ability to create another REVENUE stream via being SVR Privilege Redemption Centres

·        INCREASE SALES via redemption by SVR members at Privilege Redemption Centre outlet – using loyalty voucher redemption (an innovative payment gateway)

·        INCREASE CUSTOMER BASE within a short period of time via SVR “active” marketing programmes that “pull” members to Privilege Redemption Centre outlets

·        Convert SVR members to be Privilege Redemption Centre’s LOYAL CUSTOMERS!

·        ZERO RISK as no cost incurred as participation cost in this programme is minimal

·        REDUCE A&P Cost as SVR plans and manages all A&P initiatives to promote all Privilege Redemption Centres

·        ENHANCE PRIVILEGE REDEMPTION CENTRE’S BRANDING in the market via SVR’s effective brand building medium




·        Merchant joins as SVR Privilege Redemption Centre by offering a rebate to SVR when SVR members spend at their outlet. This constitutes the 3-in-1 rebate rate that includes customer rewards, payment gateway and marketing initiatives. Thus it is an affordable and cost-effective proposition to any merchant.

·        SVR shall promote all Privilege Redemption Centre to our members primarily for facilitation of redemption of the accumulated SVR Points whereby 1 SVR Point = RM 1

·        SVR members shall redeem for any products and/or services at the Privilege Redemption Centres using their SVR Loyalty Voucher (equivalent to cash amount)

·        The Privilege Redemption Centre shall deduct the amount redeemed by SVR members from their said Shopping Voucher Rewards voucher using the SVR EDC Terminal with the proviso that the SVR member has sufficient SVR Points in their card (debit card transaction procedure)

·        SVR shall pay the Privilege Redemption Centre the NET redemption amount within 3 working days after the transaction is effected base on the system report. The said report is made available to the Privilege Redemption Centre for their monitoring.

·        The NET redemption amount refers to the redemption (sales) amount after deducting the rebate rate that has been agreed upon by the respective Privilege Redemption Centre upon signing up as SVR merchant.


Example: Privilege Redemption Centre A agrees to provide a 10% rebate to SVR whenever its members make redemptions at the said Privilege Redemption Centre outlet. The calculation as follows:


Total Redemption Amount Per Day           : RM 1,000

Rebate Rate 10% to SVR                      : RM 100

Amount payable to Privilege Redemption Centre: RM 900


·        All payments shall be credited to the Privilege Redemption Centre’s bank account directly and RM 1 is chargeable as bank service charge for every transfer with a minimum amount of RM 100 and higher.

·        The Privilege Redemption Centre may offer other “freebies” on a first come first serve basis to entice more SVR members to redeem at their respective outlets and within a stipulated time frame.






New Privilege Redemption Centre Promotion Package


·        1 unit EDC Terminal

·        A comprehensive and advance reporting system

·        Advertisement in Website

·        Marketing Programmes (contest, printing and POS materials)

·        1 set of POS materials (bunting, fliers and door sticker)

·        Agreement, Processing, Stamping, Terminal Installation, Handling, Training, POS Materials and Administration Fees.