23/10/2009 09:20

SVR International Privilege Redemption Centre



19/10/2009 22:06

How Does This Programme Benefit Members

  What is Rewards Program       Shopping Voucher Rewards International (SVR) SVR offers a new and innovative mode to increase consumer spending! The solution that SVR provide is via the cohesive amalgamation - the company, the consumers and the SVR Redemption Centres! SVR...


19/10/2009 21:44

Tawaran Kepada Merchant-Merchant Seluruh Sarawak

Pihak SVR International sedang dalam rangka mencari dikalangan merchant yang mahu bekerja sama dalam menjayakan program rebat ini. Sehingga kini pihak SVR International telah mendapat kerjasama dari pasaraya Gient dan Kamdar dalam menjayakan program ini. Adalah dengan ini pihak syarikat...


18/10/2009 10:12

Shop2Earn A New Shopping Dimension

 Shopping is a great pastime among Malaysians! There are people who considers shopping to be therapeutic. To top it up there are several Sales and Mega Sales promoted not only by the government but also  by the respective shopping complexes and outlets primarily to make Malaysia as a...


18/10/2009 10:05

Strategic Partner

  KOPMA (Koperasi Pelindung Malaysia Berhad) the cooperative society of Persatuan Pelindunggan Pengguna Malaysia (PPPM) endorses the SVR programme as the SVR programme truly provide value added benefits to the Malaysian consumers. Thus based on SVR's business model and the confidence that the...


18/10/2009 10:00 Online Biz Dream



17/10/2009 20:30

Visitors notice

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17/10/2009 20:29

Website launched

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